If I had to choose between :

Jason/Piper : Well if you know me well, you’d know my straight away obvious answer. Jason is more secure, understanding and makes me feel more comfortable than Piper. It’s not Piper’s fault that she has a character that’s quite selfish and…different. I guess its because of her mom’s Aphrodite.
Sirius Black/Hagrid : I’d have to pick Sirius. I guess it’s half because I’m a LOT like Sirius and the other half because I feel really bad for him. Until he was 18-ish, Sirius would have probably had the best teenage life ever. But then, he has to throw away all that aside when the bad part of his life strikes. He gets thrown into the Azkaban, his best friends think that he betrayed them and his life reduces to a pile of dung. And once his life begins to rearrange back together again…when Harry was supposed to move in that summer…when he was going to start anew… he passes away. It’s all so sad. RIP SIRIUS BLACK.
Liam Payne/Taylor Lautner : Liam <3.
Spongebob Squarepants/The Fairly OddParents : I’m a big Spongebob freak, but being a 13 years 358 days old, and changing interests, I’d have to say I like the other show better.
Stephanie Meyer/Sara Shepard : Stephanie Meyer, with no hesitation. Even though her storyline sucks, her writing is amazing. It’s intriguing and really descriptive. Sara Shepard’s storyline is okay-ish but her writing is so draggy and puts in unnecessary scenes, which makes it altogether blech.
Golden Retrievers/Labrador Retrievers : GOLDEN RETRIEVERS!!! But, I have a Labrador retriever and she’s still like the cutest thing on the planet.

Sprouting Randomness Part Three

Back On To The Brothers

Face it, Summer. I cannot, absolutely cannot stay away from the Jonas Brothers. I just cant stay mad at them for more than a week. They’re just plain amazing. And I’m not explaining my obsession all over again.
Creative Writing Aboard!
I’m taking these real cool creative writing sessions with a few people from my neighborhood. It’s pretty fun. We do these creative writing activities and she gives us things to write about and stuff. Considering the fact I want to be a journalist/free-lance writer/author/something-to-do-with-literature, it’s a good step ahead.
Pudding=Rock Cakes?
Alicia came over two weeks ago and we tried making chocolate pudding from a recipe in the newspaper. Guess what it turned out like? Hagrid’s rock cakes.
Being A Different Person
Do you feel that way too? Or act that way? I’m a total different person at school when compared to the way I act ’round family. Alicia says she acts like that too. It’s not necessarily that one character is good and the other one is bad. It’s just that both are quite…different.
One Direction!
Another obsession kicks in. ONE DIRECTION FOREVER YEAHH! I sort of don’t even like all of them that much. Harry’s like a Nick Jonas dupe dude. Zayne’s like a Joe Jonas dupe. Tomlinson and the other guy, I don’t even know much about them or haven’t listened to their X Factor performances much. That leaves Liam Payne. LIAM <3
Pretty Cool Nails
Unfortunately, I don’t have nails. But for those girls who do, make sure you checkthis, in case you haven’t. My favorites are the ‘Cookie Monster‘ ones and the ‘M&M‘ ones and the ‘Newspaper‘ ones.
Three Posts in One Hour!

When Old Meets New

Today at school, we had this group story writing competition thing. Alicia, this other girl and me were in this team. The way it goes is the librarian gives us a topic to write about. Without planning, one of us goes and begins typing the story on the computer. After 10 minutes, we pass the computer over to the next person who continues the story. After another period of 10 minutes, we pass it to the last person who concludes the story. The basic rules were ‘no planning’ or ‘looking over at the computer when the other person was typing in’. Guess what topic we got? The sole one topic that we crossed our fingers in hope that we don’t get, we get. Suspense/Crime Scene.

However, you may consider it as rule-breaking, but we sort of didnt follow the rules. *giggles* The librarian told us to decide who goes first and last and blahh, and we took advantage of the few seconds she gave us to discuss our plot in brief. It came out pretty well for a 30 minute story.
Our story, ‘When Old Meets New’ was a story about a 50 year old Melissa Middleton reciting a personal anecdote to her grandchildren. The story talks about how Melissa used to be a popular girl during high school and used to bully other kids around. Then, the story switches to her being stalked by someone, in reality and via the internet. This ‘stalker’ turns out to be one of the kids she used to bully a lot. After that, there’s a mini action scene, eventually leading to the stalker dude getting caught. It turns out that the pressure and bullying he went through during high school turned him revengeful against Melissa and much more…it turned him schizophrenic.
The story was actually quite cool, although it would have been better if we had more time. It’s like this vague adaption of the movie ‘Cyberbullyexcept a little different.
I’d post it in onto the blogger thing if that librarian sends or gives it back to us. *sighs*

Haiku, Tanka and Cinquain

The Haiku : Memories
Laughing and Playing
Sitting on my daddy’s lap
Memories of mine
A Tanka : Rainbows
An arch in the sky
Seven different colors
So very beautiful
When the rain and sunlight meet
A magnificent rainbow
A Cinquain : Nicky, the best dog ever
Licking me with her love
With me and for me forever

What I Am Not Going To Do Today

Challenge Summer #5 : This prompt was given in to me by Questa. Except she gave me two conditions. One, it has to be a list containing atleast 15 items. Two, I need to write in a style she does. And that’s the catch here. Aahhh. I’m dead.

Well, here goes my fail attempt at imitating Questa. —
What I’m Not Going To Do Today
1. Watch an episode of Desperate Housewives. The show is absolutely blech. Hear ye, that show shall be trodden over by a pair of pink ponies, I say! Actually, that show is a mere disgrace to ponies. Yes, it shall be trodden over by the evil forces of Gaea and Typhon! *evil laugh*
2. Play the guitar. Unfortunately to mes interest, I cannot play the guitar. *shake head in disapproval* However, I can play the piano which is one of my dearest hobbies.
3. Write anything related to romance. Romantic writings are not just something I fancy or find amusing. Plus, I cannot think of anything soppy or charming at the moment anyways.
4. Read the Little House series.
5. Visit the ‘Ashley Furniture’ showroom. I absolutely abhor that place. Ugh. I used to love that place until I broke my nose when I was 8 years old. I was jumping down the stairs two at a time and then, PLOP. I fell down and broke my nose. My nose looked half like Voldemort’s for about 2 months. And I will never forgive that shop for the crime they have committed.
6. Travel to another continent. I would if I could, but I cannot. Can I? I guess I could travel to South America and Africa. Or maybe Europe too. Ah… That would be delightful.
7. Dance the Waltz. Again, I would if I could. But I cannot. I guess I could learn it today. That would be interesting. *claps hands in delight*
8. Call Lindsay Lohan. To begin with, I don’t have her phone number. And even if I did, I’d probably burn it in a furnace.
9. Cook Lasagna. I love Lasagna, but I don’t know how to cook it. Bah.
10. Ride my horse into the woods. I have a horse?
11. Admire the books of the Twilight Saga. Ye Dare Insult Me? I, Summer Falls, am an absolute anti-Twilight lady and will stand united with other anti-Twilight-ers. (although, the movies could be quite entertaining…)
12. Record a copy of me singing ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black in a recording studio and post it on YouTube.
13. Watch a Chinese movie. All I would understand out of the movie is people talking real quick.
14. Memorize my Physics book. Numero Uno, Physics makes me dizzy. Numero Dos, I just don’t want to. You have a problem ye?
15. Prank call somebody. I hate prank calling. It is very annoying when cowpogscall your house and say something real stupid. Except I like calling my friends and act like I’m one of those lawyors who are planning to sue them for ordering a 8340234 cups of ice cream and not willing to pay for them. However, I never do this to strangers. Only my friends. And half of the times, they know who I am either because of my hysterical laughing or because they see my caller ID on their telephone screens.

When Scary is Appreciated

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Halloween is one of the coolest most awesome-est times ever. And guess what I dressed up as this time? Khione! You know, the one in The Heroes Of Olympus… the goddess of snow and stuff. It was real fun. Except half the people thought I was a fairy or a princess. My other friend dressed up as Persephone. Both of us had a hard time telling people who we were because it sounds real cheesy telling them you are the goddess of snow and the goddess of flowers. The little tots thought we were Barbies. And we had to settle with that. And this other friend of mine dressed up as Drew. Initially, she was supposedly a popstar according to her mom. But she thought that it was way too cheesy and her mom renamed her Lady Gaga. She denied (well, duh. Who wouldn’t?) that ‘offer’ and named herself as Drew.

Next year, I plan to be Percy Jackson. All you need to do is wear an orange T-shirt paired up with jeans and carry a pen, telling everyone it’s Riptide. This guy in my community wants to be Jason Grace next year and I burst out laughing. Because no one can ever be Jason. No one. Jason’s too ahhh, lovely for him. :)

Halloween is beast but the worst part is when your feet hurt after the whole journey. Gahh. Especially when you wear like 4 inch heels. Double Gahh. Except I changed into a pair of penguin flip flops later.