The two words that pops in my head when somebody says teenagers is ‘popularity contests’. The reason why teenagers care so much about popularity is still a reason that sounds stupid to me. To be part of the inner clique? To dominate the whole grade? To make the opposite gender like them?

Teenagers can be themselves, can’t they? Why do they change themselves to be popular? Following the crowd doesn’t make you popular. Neither does forcing the hard accent. Or putting on excessive make-up. Or bullying other people. The dictionary definition of popular is ‘Commonly Liked or Approved’. Doing all of the above would not make you commonly liked or approved.
Most teenagers today want to be popular. Few of them are, most of them are wanna-be’s and some just don’t care. Honest, I’m one of those people who don’t care. It’s so irritating when I see teenage girls forcing upon themselves the ‘like, whatever’ accent and changing themselves into duplicates of the popular kids. It’s just so annoying to see girls who are not even themselves streaming across the hallway self-embarrassing themselves.
What teenagers don’t realize is that, no matter how much time you spend during the day wishing you could be part of the A-List or posting statuses of Facebook that sound ‘cool’, nothing of this sort is going to matter when you grow up. Once you graduate from high school, you go to college. And then, you go to an university. And then, you have a job. And then, you have a family. And then, why would popularity matter? Where you stand and what you are inside really matters. Popularity during childhood won’t even matter. Childhood and school days are all about the great friends you would be having for the rest of your life time and the happy memories to cherish for you to remember later on, not a damn about popularity.
Popularity is all a stupid contest that teenagers compete in. Popularity is one of those things in life that do not even matter later on. Popularity is what I think is completely ridiculous and I wish people would think so too.

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