The Son of Neptune: The Review

Warning: Contains Spoilers

The Son of Neptune is definitely a brilliant and amazing come back to the spin off series, The Heroes of Olympus. It carried the same style of The Lost Hero and was based on the same storyline, adding a few extra information here and there but was extremely intriguing.

One of the best parts? Well, we find out where Percy Jackson is and he returns as one of the main protogonists in the story. Like Jason, he doesn’t remember his memory but he does remember that Annabeth was someone special in his life. Quite suprisingly, he regains parts of his memory throughout the book and at the end of it, remembers it all.

The other protogonist is Hazel Levesque. She’s the daughter of Pluto and actually comes back from the dead. The one part about her that made me hyperventilate was that she loved a man named Sammy in her life, but she finds out that he’s dead. And then, Percy gets a video tape from the Argo II, with Leo Valdez in it. Then. There. We find out that Sammy Valdez is none other than Leo Valdez.

The third and final protogonist is Frank Zhang. He’s the son of Mars and is described as a buff man with a baby-ish face. He’s a Chinese, Canadian and Neptune descendent. He loves Hazel, while Hazel loves him back too. The silly but scary part of him is that his life depends on a piece of a burnt stick.

The book relates to what happens in the Roman Camp and introduces us to many new characters. One that I find extremely annoying is Octavian. Ugh. The book also tells us more about the rise of Gaea and her plans.

The book, however, leaves us with tonnes of cliffhangers. Who’s Jason going to be with? Piper or Reyna? How are they going to react to it? Who is Sammy Valdez/Leo Valdez? Is Hazel going to be with Leo or Frank? Does Annabeth have the mark of Athena? What is the Mark of Athena? How are these seven demigods from the Roman Camp and Greek Camp going to be with each other? We just need to wait and see for the next fall for The Mark of Athena.


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