What’s Waiting In October!

My life, transformed from a jam packed PB&J sandwich to an even more packed Subway sandwich now. I think I’m gonna die with all the studying. But, I figured I had to blog about something to keep me surviving. Well, once this month is over (yes, that is like 5 more days), I would be a free horse galloping freely in the field. You know, free bird would have sounded better. Anyways, here’s whats waiting in October for moi. :

1. SON OF NEPTUNE!!! I cannot wait! It’s gonna be amazing! I pre-ordered it already, as well! And the best part is : Percy’s gonna be back! Yay! And I really want to see how the other two demigods are going to be ; One who I believe to be is Frank. Ahhhhh! Awesomeness guarenteed.
2. Fast Life. Fast Life. Fast Life. Fast Life. Fast Life. Fast Life. Fast Life. Fast Life. IT’S GONNA BE OUTTTTTTT! Joe Jonas’s album would actually be out! I’m hyperventilating at the moment. All the songs he released so far are amazing. Except for Loveslayer. Which I absolutely abhor. Sorry Joseph.
3. POTTERMOREEEE! EEEEEEEE! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Magical Quill back during Early Registration, but it’s finally gonna be open next month! YES! I cannot wait to find out which house I’m gonna be placed in! Personally, I think I’m a Ravenclaw/Gryffindor person. But yeah, I cannot wait!
4. Paying off a visit to my Granny. A ten-day trip, to be precise. Finally, a break from all the tension.
5. Alicia and I are planning a sleepover! And it’s not going to be the usual. It’s going to be the best! Not very describing, is it? But, we’re gonna be doing an absolute Jonas dedicated/Harry Potter dedicated/Movie watching/Baking sleepover! It sounds very childish, but hey, isn’t it always to go back in time to being little kids, every now and then?
6. I get to catch up with all the TV episodes I’ve missed!
7. Halloweeeeeeeen! Last to last year, I was the Grim Reaper. Last year, I was a ghost. Wonder what I’m going to be from the dead this year.

8. October means closer to November. And November means MY BIRTHDAY! I’m gonna be 14!

Yup. That’s pretty much it. But I cannot wait! But to start off with, this month needs to go by. And it feels like ages to go.


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