Scary, Surreal, Spectral.

So maybe I’m 13, but I sure had quite a few scary, surreal, spectral experiences across my life. And most of the happenings don’t have any logic or science behind them. Thy see for yourself.


    • Back when I was around six years old, my dad had gone to China for business travel. So, it was just my mom, my brother and me in the house. It had been around a week since my dad left and days were passing by as usual. That night, I believe to be, November 21st, was a usual night and my mom tucked both of us to sleep and went to sleep as well. It was alright and we couldn’t feel a thing (duh, we were asleep) until… BEEEEEEEP! BEEEEEEEP! Sirens were going on and on. Our security system had gone off. Someone was in the house. Atleast someone had to be. My mom, being a frantic woman, got up instantly and shut the door of the master bedroom. She called 911 and our neighbour. Within 15 minutes, the cops were at our house. Before knocking on our locked master bedroom door, they had scanned the whole house. My mom opened the door and settled things with the cops. Apparently they had come through the open patio door , but there was nobody in the house. After an hour, we were on our own again. That. was our freaky night. And you know, being a mature six year old, though I woke up instantly as well, I hid under the bedsheets because I didn’t want my mom to panic even more. And it was freakier when I didn’t have anybody to hug tight. The real twist here is… was there really somebody in the house but ran away because he/she was too scared? Was it some supernatural force? Was it just the plain wind?


    • Last to last summer, we had moved into our new house. Our cousins were over and we were just having fun all over the place. One fine evening, I took a fresh shower and went to stand in my balcony. The wind was blowing right in my face and it was ever so pleasant. Right then, the door slammed shut. ‘It must have been because of the wind,’I thought. I turned around and tried to open the door. Fail. I turned the knob again. Fail. I began to turn the knob frantically. Third time fail. ‘Okay. So, maybe, the door accidently locked itself when it slammed shut…’, I thought. I looked out onto the road. Not a single fly passed in and around my sight. Which was quite weird considering it was just the evening. I looked around in despair and began to shout for my mom. After a while, I gave up, though my heart was beating ever so fast. I lean on to the rod and search for somebody…anybody. In the midst of my thoughts, I heard a sound. Click! I turned around and opened the door. Damn! It opened. I rushed out and ran to scan the entire first floor. Not even a single person was there. I run downstairs and see everybody. At first, I thought it was a prank by one of my cousins. But I highly doubted it. Running downstairs from my bedroom would atleast take 45 seconds. As soon as the door opened, I scanned the entire floor. Nobody. Nobody even seemed like they played the prank. I ask them, till day, and all of them deny it. Could it be…? I really don’t wanna say it, so I would expect thy to assume it.


  • Around 4 months ago, I was studying for a math test late in the night. My brother was sleeping and my mom was upstairs in her room. My dad had gone out for a walk with his friends. I heard a few noises in the back, coming from the backyard, but ignored them thinking it was our neighbors behind. While I was solving the problems, I looked up to figure out what to do next in the problem. You know, strategies. And then, I saw the door handle move down. I thought it was my dad and began to call out for him. No answer. I still thought it was my dad and began to laugh. ‘Dad? I know it’s you!’ I said. No answer. I began to get psyched. I called my dad on his mobile and he told me he was about a quarter mile away from my house. I explained the story to him and told him to come fast. I cut the phone line and freaked out. I ran upstairs and told my mom. She confessed that she heard noises in the back too. My dad came and told me that my dog was sleeping on the doorstep and there was no possible way for someone to push the handle down without waking Nicky up. I still had my fear. Dad called the security and they checked the place and the house. No signs of any stranger. There went another false alarm. What happened that night, I don’t know. Did someone really come? Was it a you-know-what? Or was it just because those math problems tackled my brain and I began to imagine things like a schizophrenic person?


So, that’s some of my most terrifying and scary moments ever. In all these three scenarios, I do not know what happened. Nobody knows. That’s whats freaky. It could be anything. Imagination. People. Or you-know-what forces. Fine, I’ll get myself to say it. Supernatural forces. Nobody knows. It’s a mystery.


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