The Simile Soliloquy

Yes, I’ve not been blogging lately cause I have a whole bunch of things to do. Believe me, my life’s like a PB&J sandwich now. Totally jam packed. However, my friend, Alicia and me did find time to squeeze in a little time to write a poem about our very unique Questa. The poem’s not very poetic but it sure does describe Questa. But…WARNING : The poem contains 85% of inside jokes and hidden metaphors and very wrong grammar, so be very careful people. Here it goes:
The Simile Soliloquy
as artistic as Da Vinci
as bunny as a bibliography
as cool as a coconut
as dillybee as dillyweed
as extemporaneous as a jackal
as fun as fruit salad
as goodie-goodie like Santa
as happy as Bob
as inky as an inkball
as jolly as Willy Wonka
as kindle as kindle
as limericky as an Australian
as metaphorical as a frog
as neverending as her middle names
as optimistic as a bumblebee
as pessimistic as an iguana
as quiet as a whisper
as rowdy as a snail
as splendid as the Jo Bros
as terrifical as a skyscraper
as ultaa-pultaa as a rolie-polie
as velocity as a cheetah
as womanly wishful
as x-tremely extreme as a business woman
as yo yo as a gangster (dude, it’s opposite day)
as zamboree as a zambormaster
BY : Wine and Pig The Greats (Our Pen Names)

So, how was it? Most probably, your reaction must be, “EHH? What is that supposed to be?”.

Well, truth is… it is quite bad.

But you see, while I would claim that it’s mostly based on a realm of inside jokes, I would go by saying:

See grasshoppers, poets think and write in perspective. And you, my fellow reader, may read this poem in any form you want. Feel free to criticize, feel free to assume. But do not question the poet, for you will only end up far tangled from your assumption.

Too deep to understand? Think it through, in your perspective.


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