Padfoot and Prongs

Challenge Summer #4 : The prompt, ‘How James Potter is better than Sirius Black’ has been given in by Crystal Colours. Word/Page Limit : Not mentioned

James Potter and Sirius Black have been and stayed best friends forever. They shared similar personalities, traits and qualities as well. However, Black was slightly different from Potter.

Sirius Black, however, was an immature man and used to persuade Harry into doing things that were not supposed to be done. This, he did, not out of any hatred or bad intentions, but because of his character in doing so. He was very irresponsible as well. He tells Harry that there is a good and bad side to everybody, but does not seem to notice the good in Severus, at times. But, Black is a man of strong heart and a true Gryffindor. When he loves someone, he loves them to death and tries to never let them go. He had a very sad past and a cruel one as well, this could be the reason for his uncontrollable anger as well.

James Potter, is not spoken about as much as Black in the series. However, from what we know, James was a bully and a highly mischievous kid when he was young. Sirius and him, together, were like the ‘big men’ of those times. However, as James grew up…as he fell in love with Lily, he began to change. He became more responsible and mature over his decisions.

Between both of them, I think the ‘grown’ James was much much more responsible than Sirius. He also thinks much ahead than Sirius. Sirius thinks ahead too, but he doesn’t think about how to get to that ‘ahead’. You get what I’m saying? And Sirius did not really follow his philosophy at times, like the way he thought of Snape then.

I think I’m gonna stop…just here. You know, I guess I can’t think of anymore reasons than this. Because, you see. Sirius is like the man. He’s my most favorite-est character in the series. So, if you guys have any more reasons. Well aboard the comments!


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