Sprouting Randomness Part Two

Just stop, Charlie. Please.
Okay, Charlie McDonnell is losing it. Like big time. He doesn’t have that natural spark in him, you know? It’s like he’s faking it. People still love him but I don’t really anymore. His videos are just…disturbing. You just lost a fan McDonnell.

Wizard Love
‘Wizard Love’ by meekakitty and heyhihello is so good! This is like a must watch for all of those Harry Potter Book Series fans or Wrock fans. I ‘specially like the part where that Slytherin boy gives the Gryffindor girl a Yule Ball invitation through partially, a golden snitch. That snitch is so cool!

Nicholas Jerry Jonas
Okay, I’m just burning with Jonas Fever everyday. This video, especially Nick’s speech in the middle, is so inspiring. Each time I watch it (I only watched it twice :P), I get goosebumps from my toes to my cerebrum. GAHHHH! I love you Nicholas!

Writing bad songs…new trend?
Okay, first Friday by Rebecca Black. Fine, bearable. Then, I listen to My Jeans by Jenna Rose and Baby Triggy. Ugh. Next I do another mistake and listen to Take It Easy by Sarah Maugaotega. EWWWW. Later, I do something so stupid and listen to Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez. UGHHH. I never noticed horrible music much around me. But with songs emerging like these? I would. And yes, how could I forget? Baby by the ‘JB’ name stealer, which actually stands for Jonas Brothers, but now popularly recognized as Justin Bieber. WOAH! I just noticed. Baby has over 600 million views. Oh my lord. Why can’t these people go listen to something like Black Keys’ or ‘See No More‘ or ‘Skyscraper‘ or ‘A Little Bit Longer’WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

Okay. It’s Time. I ‘Otta Go
Okay. It’s Time. I ‘Otta Go! :) BTW, keep sending in ‘Challenge Summer!’ ideas!


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