Ron and Hermione

Challenge Summer #3 : This prompt has been given by Questa. Word/Page Limit : Not mentioned.

Ah… who expected two bickering best friends to ever finally stay together and get married? The way their relationship strengthtens every book is so cool! They start off with Hermione telling Ron that he has some dirt on his nose and that he had performed a spell wrong. ‘Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow… turn this stupid rat yellow!’ That was hilarious! The series ends with Hugo and Rose looking up to their parents.

Ron, an insecure, funny, hilarious, dumb-witted and immature boy and Hermione, a witty, intelligent, logical, serious and practical lady. It’s so realisitc how two very different people come together as one couple.

The way their relationship strengthens in the books is amazing. The changes in their attitudes towards each other is almost ‘invisible’. Unless you read the series concentrating on Ron and Hermione, their attitude towards each other develops slowly and almost ‘negligibly’. And then, it’s so cool how the readers can actually take in the fact that Ron and Hermione are a couple when they get married in the end. Rowling carries the reader with them. Unlike most books, like love at first sight or love spurting suddenly, Ron and Hermione actually start from a wild base and come to a stop to start a new beginning together, where both the characters never had begun loving each other suddenly. It developed pace by pace, which really takes me into the story.

Ron/Hermione are a perfect pair. Better than Percy/Annabeth. Much better, as a matter of fact. Bless that couple!


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