Challenge Summer #1 : This prompt has been given by Questa. Word/Page Limit : More than one sentence.

Jason Grace, when he was first introduced in the books, I knew there was going to be something I was going to like about him. Turns out I like everything about him. He had everything a demigod needed – looks, abilities, power, and blah blah. I loved the way he acted to everybody as well, even when he didn’t remember his past. But then again, I don’t know – we don’t know – anything about him. We just know the him after he lost his memory. What if he is this real tough guy? What if he was trained to kill anyone who seemed like an enemy? (That is, the Greeks.) What if he is not the Jason I imagined him to be? For all of this answers, I have to wait till October 3rd. Till then, I shall assume that Jason is a guy imagine him to be.

And if he is, well that’s amazing. He is good looking, although I do not like blond hair very much. But the image of Jason in my head is very nice you see. And I like his electric blue eyes. WAITT… INTERRUPTION : What do you prefer – Harry’s green eyes or Jason’s electric blue eyes? This is a hard one. But with the images of both of them in my head, I would prefer Jason’s blue eyes. Anyways, yeah, as I was saying, I like Jason’s eyes. Jason is also really sweet to Piper. I hate the way Piper gets jealous. Yeah, she’s Aphrodite’s daughter but still… it’s so annoying when she gets so protective. Well, I guess I can’t blame her. But it’s so cute when Jason gets so uncomfortable with her! I WISH REYNA NEVER EXISTED! Entonces… Jason is really brave too. What would your reaction be if you had to fight monsters and crazy creatures and you don’t even remember that you’re a demigod? Despite losing his memory and not knowing who Leo and Piper really are, he’s so loyal to them. That’s so sweet of him. For some reason, Jason reminds me much of Percy Jackson. They’re have a lot of differences, but they are common in a few ways. Both of them are loyal to the ones they like/love, they both are natural leaders, they both have skill and they both have determination, although Jason keeps criticizing himself when he does things wrong.

Coming back to a point previously mentioned, we still don’t know who the ‘real Jason’ is and so, we just have to either consider ‘Jason after he lost his memory’ or just wait and see.


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