Black Keys

Challenge Summer #2 : This prompt, ‘Inner Meaning of Black Keys’, has been given by Alicia Meadows. Alicia is my best-est most awesome-est friend, BTW. And yes, she is the one who made me get OJD (Obsessive Jonas Disorder). Word/Page Limit : Did not mention

Black Keys, a song written and sung by Nicholas Jonas, has a lot of depth and meaning. It’s a song with a melody that sounds like a minor scale and the meaning is feels like it’s written in a minor scale as well.

The song is about a girl breaking his heart and he feels really… different. Everything around him feels new. He feels as though he had never been in the world he was living in at that moment.

And the black keys never looked so beautiful,
And a perfect rainbow never looked so dull,
And the light’s out never had this bright a glow,
And the black keys are showing me a world I never knew…

Nick is trying to explain his feelings at that time. He feels as though all the colors in his life are fading away. All the beautiful things seem to be losing it’s value while all the neglected items begin to seem so new and different…good different. The black keys on the piano, which are dominated by the white keys, seem so beautiful all of a sudden. The perfect rainbow, with all the colors, seemed so dull and out of value.

This song may seem depressing and sad, but it is one of those songs with real value. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a case of incidence when a girl is walking away from your life. It could be a fight with your parents, a failure in a test, a failure in something you really wanted to achieve, a fight with your best friend or anything that makes you feel sad. The song talks about how when you’re down, everything around you feels like its changing.

Black Keys’ is a really melodic and deep song. A song I love. If the Jonas Brothers are ever going to come by this post, the odds being a 1000000000000000000:1, well then, remember that you have a fan out there (actually two, counting Alicia) who loves the depth, value and meaning of your songs like Black Keys and would want to thank you for the songs you’re making.


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