My Top Ones

My Top Five Vacation Spots (whether I already have went or want to go) :

1. Kawaii in Hawaii
2. Alaska in United States of America
3. Sydney in Australia
4. Goa in India
5. CALIFORNIA! (yes, living there is like vacation all the way)
My Top Four Celebrities :
1. The Jonas Brothers (well, duh. whadya expect?)
2. Taylor Lautner (Team Jacob all the way)
3. Will Smith (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Hancock, Independence Day, Dad of the coolest kiddo in the world, Jaden, isn’t that enough?)
4. Gary Oldman (Sirius Black and his role in Air Force One. Love him for those two)
Note : Gary Oldman isn’t even one of my super favorites. I just like both of his above roles.
My Top Five Chocolates :
1. Hersheys – The Bar
2. Nerds
3. Ferrero Rochers (Did I spell that right?)
4. Milky Way
5. Hershey Kisses
My Top Three Inspirations :
1. My Dad
2. Steve Jobs
3. The Jonas Brothers (yes, again)
My Top Four WORST Celebrities (theoretically, three) :
1. Justin Bieber (I hate that girl.)
2. Selena Gomez (Sorry Gomez, but you can’t sing all songs. Just do a few singles now and then, not a failure album. And do not. Please do not, copy others style)
3. Lady Gaga (so maybe she thinks she’s unique and all, but why make people’s eyes burn?)
4. I would want to say Rebecca Black. But you know, we should actually appreciate the way she’s taking in all the negative criticism. Yes, Friday is incredibly horri-bleh, but she was strong. She said people told her to go die, cut her hand and watch the blood flow out like an emo, but she was strong enough to put that all aside. Really, why die if you have a bad voice? But then again, what’s up with the song,Friday? But then again, again, she doesn’t come under a worst celebrity.
My Top One Worst Chocolate :
1. Anything with nuts. EW.

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