Just Imagine…

1. When the dude who played Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) in the movies looked that good, jeshtt try imagining how Jason Grace would look. Just imagine.

2. What if Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory really did exist? Sure, there’s a Willy Wonka Candy Company, but what if there was like the actual factory they show in the movies? Just imagine.
3. What if you could meet anybody you wanted to meet and spend a day with them to your favorite vacation spot? Be it a celebrity, athlete or somebody like Steve Jobs. Just imagine. If you know me well, I think you’d know who I would wanna meet.
4. Try imagining what the rest of the world population is doing right now. Sleeping? Watching ABC Family? Talking to a parrot? Listening to music? Spazzing over the Jonas Brothers? Crying? Just imagine.
5. What if you had a hundred wishes? Just imagine. GAHHHHHHH, I’m running outta things. I better stop now.

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