Ron and Hermione

Challenge Summer #3 : This prompt has been given by Questa. Word/Page Limit : Not mentioned.

Ah… who expected two bickering best friends to ever finally stay together and get married? The way their relationship strengthtens every book is so cool! They start off with Hermione telling Ron that he has some dirt on his nose and that he had performed a spell wrong. ‘Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow… turn this stupid rat yellow!’ That was hilarious! The series ends with Hugo and Rose looking up to their parents.

Ron, an insecure, funny, hilarious, dumb-witted and immature boy and Hermione, a witty, intelligent, logical, serious and practical lady. It’s so realisitc how two very different people come together as one couple.

The way their relationship strengthens in the books is amazing. The changes in their attitudes towards each other is almost ‘invisible’. Unless you read the series concentrating on Ron and Hermione, their attitude towards each other develops slowly and almost ‘negligibly’. And then, it’s so cool how the readers can actually take in the fact that Ron and Hermione are a couple when they get married in the end. Rowling carries the reader with them. Unlike most books, like love at first sight or love spurting suddenly, Ron and Hermione actually start from a wild base and come to a stop to start a new beginning together, where both the characters never had begun loving each other suddenly. It developed pace by pace, which really takes me into the story.

Ron/Hermione are a perfect pair. Better than Percy/Annabeth. Much better, as a matter of fact. Bless that couple!

Black Keys

Challenge Summer #2 : This prompt, ‘Inner Meaning of Black Keys’, has been given by Alicia Meadows. Alicia is my best-est most awesome-est friend, BTW. And yes, she is the one who made me get OJD (Obsessive Jonas Disorder). Word/Page Limit : Did not mention

Black Keys, a song written and sung by Nicholas Jonas, has a lot of depth and meaning. It’s a song with a melody that sounds like a minor scale and the meaning is feels like it’s written in a minor scale as well.

The song is about a girl breaking his heart and he feels really… different. Everything around him feels new. He feels as though he had never been in the world he was living in at that moment.

And the black keys never looked so beautiful,
And a perfect rainbow never looked so dull,
And the light’s out never had this bright a glow,
And the black keys are showing me a world I never knew…

Nick is trying to explain his feelings at that time. He feels as though all the colors in his life are fading away. All the beautiful things seem to be losing it’s value while all the neglected items begin to seem so new and different…good different. The black keys on the piano, which are dominated by the white keys, seem so beautiful all of a sudden. The perfect rainbow, with all the colors, seemed so dull and out of value.

This song may seem depressing and sad, but it is one of those songs with real value. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a case of incidence when a girl is walking away from your life. It could be a fight with your parents, a failure in a test, a failure in something you really wanted to achieve, a fight with your best friend or anything that makes you feel sad. The song talks about how when you’re down, everything around you feels like its changing.

Black Keys’ is a really melodic and deep song. A song I love. If the Jonas Brothers are ever going to come by this post, the odds being a 1000000000000000000:1, well then, remember that you have a fan out there (actually two, counting Alicia) who loves the depth, value and meaning of your songs like Black Keys and would want to thank you for the songs you’re making.


Challenge Summer #1 : This prompt has been given by Questa. Word/Page Limit : More than one sentence.

Jason Grace, when he was first introduced in the books, I knew there was going to be something I was going to like about him. Turns out I like everything about him. He had everything a demigod needed – looks, abilities, power, and blah blah. I loved the way he acted to everybody as well, even when he didn’t remember his past. But then again, I don’t know – we don’t know – anything about him. We just know the him after he lost his memory. What if he is this real tough guy? What if he was trained to kill anyone who seemed like an enemy? (That is, the Greeks.) What if he is not the Jason I imagined him to be? For all of this answers, I have to wait till October 3rd. Till then, I shall assume that Jason is a guy imagine him to be.

And if he is, well that’s amazing. He is good looking, although I do not like blond hair very much. But the image of Jason in my head is very nice you see. And I like his electric blue eyes. WAITT… INTERRUPTION : What do you prefer – Harry’s green eyes or Jason’s electric blue eyes? This is a hard one. But with the images of both of them in my head, I would prefer Jason’s blue eyes. Anyways, yeah, as I was saying, I like Jason’s eyes. Jason is also really sweet to Piper. I hate the way Piper gets jealous. Yeah, she’s Aphrodite’s daughter but still… it’s so annoying when she gets so protective. Well, I guess I can’t blame her. But it’s so cute when Jason gets so uncomfortable with her! I WISH REYNA NEVER EXISTED! Entonces… Jason is really brave too. What would your reaction be if you had to fight monsters and crazy creatures and you don’t even remember that you’re a demigod? Despite losing his memory and not knowing who Leo and Piper really are, he’s so loyal to them. That’s so sweet of him. For some reason, Jason reminds me much of Percy Jackson. They’re have a lot of differences, but they are common in a few ways. Both of them are loyal to the ones they like/love, they both are natural leaders, they both have skill and they both have determination, although Jason keeps criticizing himself when he does things wrong.

Coming back to a point previously mentioned, we still don’t know who the ‘real Jason’ is and so, we just have to either consider ‘Jason after he lost his memory’ or just wait and see.

*Sniff Sniff*

HARRY POTTER IS COMING TO AN END! THE EPIC SERIES IS OVER! And guess what’s the worst part? I might not even be able to watch it until Wednesday! Unfair, right? I know. The tickets are all sold out. Guess what again? Luna and Neville might even end up together! They make a good couple, but still. I grew up with the Harry Potter movies, yes, the movies. The books I started when I was in 6th grade, but I’ve been watching the movies since I was like 3 or something! So I was saying, Harry’s like my best friend. How can it just end like that? And it’s gonna be so hard seeing Fred Weasley actually die in front of me. And Lupin and Tonks. WHY? WHY? WHY DID SHE MAKE THEM DIE? I wanna watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 so badly! Is anybody going on the first day of the movie?

Things That Are Going Around in My Cerebrum – Part Two

1. It’s Summer, right? (the season, not referring to me) Shouldn’t you be doing things like not doing anything related to world history? But my poor unfortunate soul has to study to French Revolution and the Russian Revolution and blehhh. BTW, I’m no nerd, I had to prepare for the next grade, that is, a deal made by mis padres. Pray that the souls Louis XVI and Napoleon and Hitler and those evil Voldemort-type people during those revolutions go down to pits of Tartarus.

2. What would you do if you have a dog who’s getting fatter everyday despite whatever you do? You’re taking her for walks… restricting the amount she eats a day… giving her only a meal a day… yet, she’s getting fatter and fatter. Gee, that’s my situation. Nicky’s like THE most sweet-est dog in the whole entire world, but why her? Poor old Niksters.
3. Yes, I watched the video of SEE NO MORE the day it was out! Except I watched it in pretty bad quality then. Now, I watched the proper one on his YouTube channel and I turned out to be pretty…disappointed. No kidding. It was really good but I was expecting more. Really, what is up with that bathrobe going into flames? But still, I like it. Just was expecting more.
5. Which reminds me, Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monsters is planning to release in 2012. But I’m not sure if Logan Lerman will be playing Percy again. I really want him too. Real bad. But he’s gonna be like 22 then. Annabeth would be like 28. Ew.
6. Which reminds me once more. Abduction! I wanna watch it really bad. Not as bad as the two above. But the trailer looks incredibly exciting. Plus, it stars Taylor Lautner. Yayy!
7. Ouch. This laptop’s giving me a shock. You know, an electric shock. Ouch. I swear it’s giving me one. It’s like those little stings. Ouch.
8. I’m done reading that little Judy Blume book, ‘Deenie’. It was pretty okay in the beginning but it started getting incredibly irritating and boring. Do not read if you’re book taste is quite like mine. I don’t know what to read now. My dad wants me to read this book called ‘Outliers : The Story To Success’ or something like that. I read the first few pages. And it was pretty okay. So, I’ll just read that. After that, I’ll read some Nicholas Sparks book. I really need some tragic drama at the moment.
9. In case you do not know me quite well, compare me with the Disney Princess, Rapunzel in the Disney feature movie, ‘Tangled’. I just remembered, but people keep comparing me with her. Even when I watched the movie, I was like ‘Woah! She’s my twin!’ Haha :) BTW, if I mentioned this before in a previous post, don’t laugh at me or think I’m a short term memory loss patient.

Challenge Summer!

Replica of ‘Challenge Charlie’ by Charlie McDonnell is ‘Challenge Summer!’. I just thought about it recently. Sometimes, when I really wanna blog about something, I just can’t think of that something. So, ‘Challenge Summer!” is basically a sort of thing where you guys tell me some topic to blog about ; be it Obama, Books or Dung. Any random topic you guys give in, I hereby promise to blog about.

You guys can tell me the topics to blog about through email (if you know it), through telephone, through posting comments, or face-to-face.
You guys can even tell me how long you want the post to be. 3 words, 3 lines, 3 paragraphs or 3 pages. Yeahhh-kneeeee-thingggg :)
I can’t wait!