Nothing Specific, really

THE TRAILER OF THE MUSIC VIDEO OF SEE NO MORE IS OUT! The official music video is out this Tuesday! It looks so…AMAZING. I’m like hyperventilating right now. I can’t wait for it to come out! I can’t wait even more for Joe’s album, ‘Fast Life’ to come out! Three words. I.Can’t.Wait. But like they say, ‘While there is good news, bad news strikes as well. Karma won’t leave.’ I think I just made that up. But yeah, what I’m trying to say is, *sigh* there is quite some bad news. *huff* Here it goes : The Jonas Brothers didn’t officially break up but they didn’t say they would be making another album any sooner as well. *cries and more cries* Going by what Joe J. stated : They would be making an album down the line, which is like 2 GIGANTIC YEARS OR MORE. Going by what I think: I don’t have an opinion, but can they freaking make one already? Okay, so I know it takes time to make an album. I know it’s hard putting it all together. I know it’s not very easy. And I know…no more. But can they actually assure us Jonas Fans that they would be making one soon? Sorry Jonas, but I just adore you guys too much, that I can’t wait any more.

Note To All Those Smirking Out There : You see, the Jonas Brothers are not made for only 5 year olds. They are not another Hannah Montana. So what if they’re Disney? Huh? That doesn’t mean they’re babies or they’re cheesy. Okay so maybe Joe does have a big piece of cheese in his head, but the fact here is : The Jonas Brothers are making their way into Hollywood, just give them time. And they’re like the good guys (no, not the T.V show), and they will always be. So.don’t.even.smirk

Switching to a little more less emotional topic : Cars 2. I hear the response is quite bad, 1.5 stars or so? Is it really that bad? I mean, it’s PIXAR! I shouldn’t really be talking here because I didn’t even watch the prequel, ‘Cars’. But, I still wanna watch Cars 2. I think I’ll understand most of it. I mean my mom understood ‘Kung Fu Panda 2′ without watching ‘Kung Fu Panda’. Speaking of Kung Fu Panda 2, IT WAS AWESOME! I think they would be making it a trilogy ’cause you know how they didn’t end it well? I love the silly, stupid jokes that Po guy makes. He became way better at Kung Fu. In the first movie, he’s like as bad as me.
What is up with that ‘Love You Like A Love Song’ music video? It creeps the crap out of me. It’s like Gomez is turning into a Lady Gaga and Katy Perry hybrid variety. She’s starting to give me nightmares. All her new songs are. Seriously,‘Bang Bang Bang’? But you know how seriously annoying songs like Black’s‘Friday’ get stuck in your head and then you start to die? That’s how I feel at the moment with ‘Love You Like A Love Song’. It’s not even like I wanted to listen to it. I listened to it because it was topping the iTunes charts and practically, every other chart in the world. I listen to it and then boom. I’m dead. Yo advice to Tu : Don’t listen to it. Vague chances of you liking it. Maybe the song, you would like, but don’t dare watching the music video. You’re gonna watch it, aren’t you? Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.
On a complete random note : Isn’t it quite a sad thought to remember that Rebecca Black shares a last name with one of the best-est characters in the history of books? Poor old Sirius. His soul must wake up from peace.

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