How To Spoil A Surprise Partayyy

DISCLAIMER : Written with complete first-hand experience.

1. Talk about how bad you feel for not throwing a surprise party for him/her. Tell him/her that you’re sorry for not making their birthday special.
2. Talk about how busy you are that day and how sorry you feel for not going to his/her house.
3. Keep whispering to the friend sitting beside you and giggle momentarily.
4. Keep asking him/her what he/she wants for his/her birthday. Even if they say they are not planning to have a party, keep insisting them.
5. Call their house that previous night and make sure the ‘to-be’ birthday girl/boy picks up. And then, ask for their mom/dad. Talk to their mom/dad for quite a long time as you need to discuss the birthday plans.
6. Don’t get many presents on the day of his/her birthday to school as you’re gonna get him/her some anyway to his/her house.
7. Start squealing randomly during a Physics class or when the birthday boy/girl is talking.
8. Tell the birthday boy/girl that they would be having something awaiting them.

– Sit back. Relax. And witness yourself spoiling their surprise. ENJOY!


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