The Son of Neptune

WARNING– Incase you want to read the first chapter of The Son of Neptune, without any spoilers, DO NOT READ the post below for it contains many spoilers.

GUESS WHAAAAAAAAT? For those of you Percy Jackson fans out there, the Son of Neptune first chapter has released! It has! It really has! And it’s way different from what I had imagined. The chapter is about Percy Jackson encountering Medusa’s sisters. Guess whaaaaat again? Although Hera removes Percy’s memories, Percy remembers that there was someone special named Annabeth!!! I was jumping up and down at the sight of that sentance. Anyways, Percy is at an edge of a cliff and he has to decide whether to jump into the sea or fight Medusa’s sisters. I don’t think he knows he’s the son of Poseidon/Neptune because he doesn’t jump into it! Well, he does at the end of the chapter. But that’s only because he’s in a Do or Die situation.

‘It’s like the chapter ends with a cliffhanger. Like literally a cliffhanger’ quoted Priyanka, another Percy Jackson freako. And so, for all those who haven’t read the chapter yet, what are you waiting for? Go read it… NOW!


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