Commencement Speeches

I was watching a few commencement speeches by famous people the other day and wanted to blog about it today. You can watch the speeches on this website. I wrote few short POV’s from my side on a few of the speech givers right below:

  • Steve Jobs – Steve Jobs connects the dots of his life in his speech. His speech made me cry. Especially the part where he was describing the time he dropped out of college. Steve Jobs, the Founder of Apple, is possibly one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever know.


  • Larry Page- Larry Page’s graduation speech was amazing. He starts talking about his family to his school to his company, Google. He started Google based on a dream. Like, literally a dream in his sleep.
  • Ellen Degeneres- Ellen’s speech is not like the others. Not what you would expect. It’s not the usual deal of inspiration and hope for the future, but is a really funny and hilarious presentation. It’s just like the‘Ellen’ show that airs on TV. She makes the most unexpected jokes ever, but it’s still real good. In a bad mood? Go watch her speech. You’ll crack up with laughter.
  • J.K Rowling – Being a HP fan, I got into the speech even more deeply. Her speech is much like Steve Jobs, but very different as well.
  • Randy Pausch – Watch his speech and pay a little tribute to the great man who passed away. Although his commencement speech is the shortest, it’s no way less inspiring. He talks about his life, his relationship with his wife and everything else put together in around 7 minutes.



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