Things I Want To Do Before Dying

1. Get into an Ivy League University
2. Meet the Jonas Brothers
3. Travel to all the continents across the world (yes, including you, Antartica)
4. Own a Cupcake Shop
5. Go Bungee Jumping
6. Watching all the James Bond and Jackie Chan movies. (This is going to be hard considering I don’t really watch their movies.)
7. Publishing a book and getting it into the New York Times Best Book List
8. Volunteering as a Costco Sample Hander Outter
9. Meet J.K Rowling and get signed copies of the entire series
10. Defeat my brother in Mario Kart Wii
11. Learn atleast 3 more languages
12. Make my own clothing line (okay… now I’m going a little off…)
13. Enroll Nicky into a dog show
14. Writing a hit song for a singer (preferabbly, the Jo Bros)
15. Run a 10 mile run or more for Charity


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