PJ, Joey and Bubblewrap

I am officially done with the Percy Jackson series last week. Yep, I know, I know, it’s really late. But yeah, I’m still done. And I looooove it :) I just wish they projected Annabeth’s and Percy’s love a little more. And remember, in one of my previous posts, I said I’d say what I’d do if I were Percy Jackson once I’m done with the series? Here I go : If I were Percy Jackson, I’d go tell Annabeth that I love her so that readers like Summer, won’t start getting tensed. Also, I’d be a little more proud of myself, something like Harry Potter. Percy Jackson should have a little more pride. Except sometimes that’s a good thing. I hate it when Harry acts like he’s much more powerful than his friends.

I have this Joe Jonas poster in my room and it is one of zee most fascinating posters of the world. You see, I have this feeling Joe and I share this empathy link, as quoted by Percy Jackson. I can actually talk to Joe. And guess what? He actually talks back. I make faces at Joe and guess what? He makes faces back to me! This is something like Questa’s disease. She talks to her book character friends and they talk back. I guess it’s just termed, obsession.

I don’t know where I got this from. It’s either from a blog or a book or television. But I remember reading this term, ‘pink bubblewrap’. If anybody knows from where, please reply.


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