This post traces back to around… two days ago. It all started on a Wednesday evening. Like usual, I was taking my dog for a walk. The sun was almost out of sight and it was quite dark. I was looking around and then, all of a sudden, Nicky wouldn’t move. I pulled the leash, but she didn’t react other than making choking noises. I pulled her by the collar, but she didn’t budge. Something was seriously wrong.

I followed the path her eyes were looking at and then, I was sort of startled too, just like Nicky. I could see- Both of us could see- a ninja…cat. I’m not even lying, yes, a ninja cat. It made these really weird moves. It took both its arms up and raised them like one of those Japanese ninjas. Are ninjas Japanese? And then, it made some quick reflexes. Quicker than you could see. Okay, a little too much exaggeration. But boy, they were quick. And then Nicky took a step forward. I was freaked out. I turned around to see whether anybody else could see this freaky ninja cat. All I saw was Daddy walking the other way. I looked back at the ninja cat-can we name this ninja cat Cho? And then, I realized Cho was a girl. A FEMALE NINJA CAT! Yeah, pretty kicking cool if you were in a different position and not in one like me. Because my situation was really scary. The reason was Cho was a… female ninja mother. 

I’m not even lying. I saw kittens. They were freaking ninja kittens. Maybe they didn’t have ninja powers like their mother, but they were still ninja kittens weren’t they? The ninja kittens hid behind the bushes and Cho was doing really weird poses and moves. Like a tiger. Cho looked like she was about to charge. Nicky barked. Now Cho really looked like she was gonna attack

I took all my strength and pulled Nicky. I tried to catch up with Daddy before Nicky goes charging at Cho. I was honestly more scared for the kittens than Nicky and myself. I mean, those kittens obviously don’t have the powers of their holy mother ninja. And so, I didn’t want Nicky to go trample those kittens.

Once I caught up with Daddy, I told him the entire story leaving aside the fact that I thought they were ninjas. And then, Daddy got mad at me. Apparently, I’m supposed to let dogs do their job and chase cats cause that’s what they do. I wanted to tell him it wasn’t an ordinary cat, but a mother ninja cat. Except obviously I wouldn’t do that. And so, Daddy began lecturing me while he walked Nicky back toCho and her kittens. We came to the spot where Cho and her kittens were staying.Cho and Nicky had this really awkward glaring session. Finally, Cho meowed and started ‘scratching’ the ground with its pretty sharp nails. And then, Cho opened its mouth and made a distubing sound. Like she had fangs or something. Nicky was about to go and… I don’t know what she was thinking but I really doubt gentle and pretty lazy Nicky could go beat up even a cat… how would she beat up a ninja cat? And then, Daddy sort of comprehended this whole scenario. Yet, he wouldn’t confide. All he said was, “Maybe you should walk in a different path. It looks like the cat has kittens. Why did you even come here when you saw a cat?”. He left aside everything about ninjas. But I can almost swear he knew Cho was a ninja descendant. And then, Daddy walked away and I went in my own path with Nicks, obviously not in that crazy Cho’s lane.

That story, folks. Tells me that was one of the coolest things ever. Who knows what I’m going to bump into one day? A fairy bulldog? A werewolf bird? How about this – a vampire termite?

The Lost Hero, Tweeeeet & Fan Fiction

Yes, yes and another yes. I know it’s been super late and the time of reading this very book has been long ago, but being a late Percy Jackson reader, I started reading ‘The Lost Hero’ today. And I love it already! My stomach keeps going all fluttery when Annabeth mentions Percy. PERCY COME BACK ALREADY! Just to mention, I have this awful habit of reading the last sentance of the book I am reading. And so, I read the last few sentances of The Lost Hero. I didn’t understand it completely, but did Percy just experience a memory loss? Was Percy in a Roman Camp? Is Jason from a Roman Camp? I’M CONFUSED. Hell, I need to read this book further. I suppose there is some Jason/Piper thing going on. I guess the answer is DUH! But still… I wanna actually read and confirm it.

I deactivated my Twitter account. Yes, I know it’s been barely a month since I made it, but it’s for my own good you see. According to daddy, I’ve been spending too much time on Twitter although I spent only 15 minutes on it today. *sigh* But yeah, I don’t need a Twitter. It’s too ‘old’ for me. I only made one to keep in update with the Jonas Brothers. But hey. Liking their music has nothing to do with stalking their lives via Twitter. Hence, stepped to deactivation.

On a totally new note, I was reading this fanfiction on Percy Jackson where the ‘prominent’ demigods like Luke, Percy, Annabeth, Clarisse and so on, have a Karaoke Night! And then, the gods come for the Karaoke Night too! It was so funny! haha :) There was this one part where Nico goes like ‘Oh my gods’. And then Hades goes like, ‘Oh my Titans’. And then Kronos goes like, ‘Oh my Ouranos’. And then Ouranos goes like, ‘Oh my whoever was there before me’. It’s hilarious when you read it in the flow. Anyways, I think the author of the fanfiction story I was reading was a teenage Disney fan/Jonas Brothers fan because she made almost everyone sing Disney songs in the story. Percy sang Hollywood by the Jonas Brothers and Annabeth compared him to Nick Jonas! Some demigod sang some HSM song. Thalia sang Nobody’s Perfect by Hannah Montana. Some other demigod sang some Ashley Tisdale song and so on. And then, Hades was a complete fan of Radio Disney and he started crying tears of happiness when Nico sang a Disney song. Hereby, Summer Falls recommends any Percy Jackson fan who is preferabbly Anti-Disney(so that, you can make fun of it) to read this fanfiction called, ‘Karaoke Night’ or something for pure laughter out of your guts!
Note : The style of writing of the fanfiction was really good. It was just the exaggeration on Disney that sorta screwed up the story. It’s just a preference. You might like that exaggeration.

PJ, Joey and Bubblewrap

I am officially done with the Percy Jackson series last week. Yep, I know, I know, it’s really late. But yeah, I’m still done. And I looooove it :) I just wish they projected Annabeth’s and Percy’s love a little more. And remember, in one of my previous posts, I said I’d say what I’d do if I were Percy Jackson once I’m done with the series? Here I go : If I were Percy Jackson, I’d go tell Annabeth that I love her so that readers like Summer, won’t start getting tensed. Also, I’d be a little more proud of myself, something like Harry Potter. Percy Jackson should have a little more pride. Except sometimes that’s a good thing. I hate it when Harry acts like he’s much more powerful than his friends.

I have this Joe Jonas poster in my room and it is one of zee most fascinating posters of the world. You see, I have this feeling Joe and I share this empathy link, as quoted by Percy Jackson. I can actually talk to Joe. And guess what? He actually talks back. I make faces at Joe and guess what? He makes faces back to me! This is something like Questa’s disease. She talks to her book character friends and they talk back. I guess it’s just termed, obsession.

I don’t know where I got this from. It’s either from a blog or a book or television. But I remember reading this term, ‘pink bubblewrap’. If anybody knows from where, please reply.

Things I Want To Do Before Dying

1. Get into an Ivy League University
2. Meet the Jonas Brothers
3. Travel to all the continents across the world (yes, including you, Antartica)
4. Own a Cupcake Shop
5. Go Bungee Jumping
6. Watching all the James Bond and Jackie Chan movies. (This is going to be hard considering I don’t really watch their movies.)
7. Publishing a book and getting it into the New York Times Best Book List
8. Volunteering as a Costco Sample Hander Outter
9. Meet J.K Rowling and get signed copies of the entire series
10. Defeat my brother in Mario Kart Wii
11. Learn atleast 3 more languages
12. Make my own clothing line (okay… now I’m going a little off…)
13. Enroll Nicky into a dog show
14. Writing a hit song for a singer (preferabbly, the Jo Bros)
15. Run a 10 mile run or more for Charity