Some Stuff My Dog Does Are Weird

You see. I don’t know whether all dogs do this. But seriously asking. Does your dog fart? Well, mine does. And it stinks. Like really really really stinks. If two countries were having a war, and I compile my dog’s fart in this airbag type thing and release it, all the people would die with the equally-powerful-to-a-nuclear-bomb-smell. I’m not even kidding. This is how I found out Nicky farts ; We were on a road trip from San Diego to San Jose to visit my Uncle Bob (his actual name is Bobby Smith). We took my dog, Nicky with us too. Which was quite a big mistake. ‘Cause in the middle of the ride, she farted. It was a soundless fart. But boy was it smelly. And that, was how I figured dogs could fart.

Also, Nicky sneezes. She’s adorable when she sneezes.
Plus, Nicky gets tickled. Whenever you rub her bottom back vigorously, her left leg keeps twirling. And that. Is very cute as well.
Is there anything weird your dog does?

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