Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers!!! I have this crazy friend of mine who’s in love with their music and them. I was never really obsessed with them but then, she made me listen to their songs over and over and again. She told me about their life story. She asked me to watch their YouTube videos. She advised me to watch their movie, which I did. She asked me to watch their show. And then BOOM. I’m obsessed. It’s not just them or their music, it’s their difference from everybody else. For all those haters who say they are only the ‘next best thing’ like the many other Disney stars and for all those who question the likers why they like them, here is why :

1. Their music. When you listen to their music, don’t just listen to the rhythm of the song, listen to the depth in the lyrics. When You Look Me In The Eyes, Fly With Me, A Little Bit Longer, Video Girl and so many others, have so much meaning in them.
2. I believe that a musician’s choice of music reflects upon themselves. And after hearing the Jo Bros, their songs are either inspirational, catchy or cute. And all those songs really bring out the character of the brothers.
3. The different variety of their songs. It’s so cool how they write and sing about different types of songs with really different kind of lyrics. Year 3000, Burnin’ Up, Goodnight and Goodbye, Who I Am, Live To Party, Mandy, World War Three (I can just keep going on and on and on, but I guess I have to stop) and so on. They are just so different and perfect(yes, perfect. From my view, they are perfectamundo :)
4. Their helping nature. It’s not very often you see many celebrities and pop stars donating to charity wholeheartedly. Note the emphasis on wholeheartedly.
5. Their commitment. They had a rocky road to stardom and I think we all should really look beyond and appreciate that.
6. Themselves. You know that feeling when you look at somebody and just know they are the ‘good ones’? Well, that’s the feeling I get when I look at them.
I can’t merely express my love and dedication I show to their music in words. I love their songs and them with all my heart and will be a JONAS BROTHERS fanatic forever :)

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