Some Stuff My Dog Does Are Weird

You see. I don’t know whether all dogs do this. But seriously asking. Does your dog fart? Well, mine does. And it stinks. Like really really really stinks. If two countries were having a war, and I compile my dog’s fart in this airbag type thing and release it, all the people would die with the equally-powerful-to-a-nuclear-bomb-smell. I’m not even kidding. This is how I found out Nicky farts ; We were on a road trip from San Diego to San Jose to visit my Uncle Bob (his actual name is Bobby Smith). We took my dog, Nicky with us too. Which was quite a big mistake. ‘Cause in the middle of the ride, she farted. It was a soundless fart. But boy was it smelly. And that, was how I figured dogs could fart.

Also, Nicky sneezes. She’s adorable when she sneezes.
Plus, Nicky gets tickled. Whenever you rub her bottom back vigorously, her left leg keeps twirling. And that. Is very cute as well.
Is there anything weird your dog does?

Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers!!! I have this crazy friend of mine who’s in love with their music and them. I was never really obsessed with them but then, she made me listen to their songs over and over and again. She told me about their life story. She asked me to watch their YouTube videos. She advised me to watch their movie, which I did. She asked me to watch their show. And then BOOM. I’m obsessed. It’s not just them or their music, it’s their difference from everybody else. For all those haters who say they are only the ‘next best thing’ like the many other Disney stars and for all those who question the likers why they like them, here is why :

1. Their music. When you listen to their music, don’t just listen to the rhythm of the song, listen to the depth in the lyrics. When You Look Me In The Eyes, Fly With Me, A Little Bit Longer, Video Girl and so many others, have so much meaning in them.
2. I believe that a musician’s choice of music reflects upon themselves. And after hearing the Jo Bros, their songs are either inspirational, catchy or cute. And all those songs really bring out the character of the brothers.
3. The different variety of their songs. It’s so cool how they write and sing about different types of songs with really different kind of lyrics. Year 3000, Burnin’ Up, Goodnight and Goodbye, Who I Am, Live To Party, Mandy, World War Three (I can just keep going on and on and on, but I guess I have to stop) and so on. They are just so different and perfect(yes, perfect. From my view, they are perfectamundo :)
4. Their helping nature. It’s not very often you see many celebrities and pop stars donating to charity wholeheartedly. Note the emphasis on wholeheartedly.
5. Their commitment. They had a rocky road to stardom and I think we all should really look beyond and appreciate that.
6. Themselves. You know that feeling when you look at somebody and just know they are the ‘good ones’? Well, that’s the feeling I get when I look at them.
I can’t merely express my love and dedication I show to their music in words. I love their songs and them with all my heart and will be a JONAS BROTHERS fanatic forever :)

Sprouting Randomness

Oh my god. Each time I watch this video, I die with laughter. It is like an epic video a person must watch. It cracks people up, no kidding. Watch it if you haven’t.

The Secret Behold
I will reveal the secret I have been holding for a quite long time. Here it goes : Questa is none other than Victoria Lovington! Not very interesting, was it? Thought so.
*laughing* This is another video of The Potter Puppet Pals that never ever ever gets boring. :) How very creative of this show :)
Blah Blah Blah (Not referring to Kesha)

*for those of you who don’t know, click on the subtitles with colors to lead you to the page I want you guys to see. You know, hyperlinks.

If I Were…

…Harry Potter for a day – I’d take full advantage of my broomstick and play Qudditch day in and day out. I’d take autographs from Hermione and Ron. Although they’d wonder why. I’ll visit Hogwarts and take pictures. Wait… are cameras used in Hogwarts? Did they ever mention cameras in the books? Cameras are Muggle artifacts and so… are they used by wizards? How do they take pictures and put them in the Wizard Newspapers like The Daily Prophet? Do they use cameras? I’m confused. QUESTA! MONICA! CASEY! One of you, all being Harry Potter geeks, answer the stuff above. Yes, I mean stuff intentionally. Not questions. Stuff. Whatever.

…Abby Hayes for a day – I’d act super sweet to Eva and Isabel, leaving them wondering why I was acting as such. I’d spend most of my day with Casey and Hannah for they are my favorites. Ah… what a cute pair :) Anyways, I’d read myjournal/diary as I bet Abby doesn’t reveal half the things in the books we read.
the bear from the book, ‘Jamberry’ for a day – I’d travel back to Berryland and eat as many berries as possible :) Especially the razzamatazzberry.
Percy Jackson for a day – The truth? Fine. Here’s the truth;I haven’t quite finished the first book of Percy Jackson as yet or watched the movie. And I don’t really know the characters that well. And so, I’ll leave this question aside until I finish the series.
Charlie McDonnell for a day – I’d dedicate one entire vlog for the one and only JO BROS i.e Jonas Brothers!!! Or I’d do something really stupid and post it onto YouTube. Ooh… here’s something I’d do. I, Charlie, will go to a stranger’s house and ask for a slice of cheese. Hopefully, he’ll give a slice to me. I’ll peel the plastic covering off slowly and act like I’m about to eat it but instead… throw the slice of cheese on the stranger’s forehead and yell, ‘HAPPY CHEESE DAY!’. Gonna work? I don’t think so. And so, this plan shall be declared as, FAIL.
…Spongebob Squarepants for a day – I’ll take a trip to Dimmsdale, Timmy Turner’s world, and pay off a visit to Timmy. I love Spongebob as well as Timmy. This way, I’ll have a chance to do two things at once. I wish this could happen :) Sometimes, I feel like a toddler. You know this one side of the brain of mine says something like, ‘Summer. You’re thirteen. How could you like Spongebob and Timmy and Arthur and people like that?” and this other side of my brain goes like, ‘Come on Summer! Don’t listen to her! Who said teenagers can’t like cartoons? Huh? Huh?’. And here I am confused. Oh well. I shalt not change. I still am Summer Falls, the teenager who loves certain cartoons. (the reason I said certain was ’cause I hate a few. Infact many. Like Tom ‘n’ Jerry and Go Diego Go)
Monica Rez for a day – I’ll agree to whatever Summer says for the first time in my life. Haha :) Take light off Monica :) Only kidding :)
Bye bye peoples. Huzza! (I’m currently obsessed with Questa’s catchphrase. Huzza!)