Sad Children

Ugh. Homework oh homework. I wish it would stop pouring on me. Tests, exams and pop quizes. I wish they would all just go away. I feel like running away from all the pressure in my early life of pressure. But is that possible? Not in this generation in which toddlers are starting to feel stressed out.

Once you are seventy years old and look into your ‘pensieve’ to remember your childhood, I don’t think it would be a wonderful picture to see yourself studying or loaded with pressure due to extra-curricular activites or as such. Childhood should be full of fruitful and fun-filled times. But in this era, children, starting from the early age of 7, are being stressed out at their own levels due to pressure put in by themselves, their parents, their peers or their schools.
Personally, I definately don’t think this is good for the young breed themselves. Stress is eventually going to come our ways as we climb the staircase of life. But why now?

Schools and parents should really think of the child’s freedom before taking up any act. I am not saying they should not give homework or send them for extra karate coaching. They should do so but do it with regard to the child’s potential and freedom. Schools should not dump homework onto children but rather give it in small installments with fixed due dates. Parents should not force the child to ‘make’ a hobby or forcefully go for extra-curricular classes but rather, talk to the child and enroll them into the corresponding class with consultation to the child.

These young children who have a long way to go do not need to be rushing their life. Let them enjoy the ride and destiny will take them their way.

The Earth Is Flat

1. A sphere is a 3D version of a square

2. Hermione Granger marries Professor Snape
3. Lemons are sweet
4. Ants are man’s best friend
5. The moon is luminous
6. Friends are secret enemies
7. Laws are salvo according to the police
8. Everything is visible to everybody… even to the blind
9. Hagrid marries Luna Lovegood
10. Something written by a pencil cannot be erased
11. The Earth Is Flat
12. The Jonas Brothers are my best-est friends ever. (wonderful thought, isn’t it?)
What would our world be if these thoughts became reality?