Things That Are Going Around In My Cerebrum

1. I’ve mentioned this to all my friends. But Harry Potter readers. Did you ever know that Hermione Granger writes this gigantic letter on Harry’s birthday but forgets to say Happy Birthday? That makes me laugh. And this criticism is officially copy-righted and so. Nobody – and I mean nobody – can step up to J.K Rowling saying they found out the criticism. Hear me?

2. Paper. Wood. Trees. Gardener. Human. Mommy and Daddy. Me! Okay. I don’t know what that was. That was just going on in my cerebrum.
3. Did you ever know they had Taco Bell and Staples in India? 
4. I WANNA WATCH TANGLED. This girl in my class, you people know her, Victoire and other girls told me it was amazingly amazing. I wanna watch it.
5. I am officially signing off from this post. Your newsreporter daily, well not really daily, Miss.Summer Falls, is signing off from WordPress T.V. Thank You Very Much.
P.S. Cerebrum is the part of your brain that thinks, incase you didn’t know.

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