A Tropical Paradise

The hot breeze hit us as we stepped out of the airplane. I looked out of the window of the walkway and took in a deep breath of anticipation. The view outside was different from Hyderabad. It felt more relaxing…serene…calm. I turned around and walked my way, wondering what lay infront of us for the following days. There we were, in the paradise of Goa.

After an hour and a half of riding in a local Innova, we reached our destination – Club Mahindra. We were greeted with a fresh serving of delicious lemonade. We checked into our deluxe room and we were just lucky enough to get a perfect view of the private resort beach! We freshened up and lazed around the premises of the resort and the beach nearby.

During the early evening hours, we got into a taxi and took a ride to Vagator. Vagator is a beautiful beach and has a lovely touch of scenic beauty. It is crowned by the Chapora Fort, which was quite interesting. Because the most photographed beach of Goa, we took our own personal family picture shoot there! After spending some quality time at the beach, we returned to our resort. We tucked in and slept instantly, after experiencing an exciting day in the beach capital.

The next day, we got up early, ate some yummy continental breakfast and started our journey to Baga. Baga is a breathtakingly beautiful beach and a fascinating fact is that the sand here isn’t white or gold, but brown! We splashed around the waters, played on the shore, collected sea shells and bought a few souvenirs! From there, we left to the crazy place of Anjuna. In Anjuna, we visited the flea market. The flea market was heaven for my mom and me, considering the fact that we’re shopaholics! After buying necklaces, clothes, slippers and other gizmos, we signed off for the day! We ate a light dinner in the resort and slept.

The day that followed, we decided to do some mild activity. We played some indoor games at the resort and played giant chess! For lunch, Club Mahindra offered a special buffet – a typical Goan cuisine! The variety was amazing – starting from seafood to traditional, local spices! We filled our stomachs with delicious food and took a pretty long afternoon nap. At around 4 o’ clock, we refreshed ourselves up and took a fifteen minute taxi ride to Kolwa. Kolwa is a small village, locally famous for its line of street shops. We walked around and bought a few items to gift our friends back home. By sunset, we were back and we had time to go for a bicycle ride by the beach. The sight was beautiful and we loved the view. We spent time walking around before going to bed.

The next day, also our last, we went to Fort Aguada, which was quite interesting and carried an elaborate history with it. We took a few pictures and left to the last beach we were going to go to. We spent time on the beach as the usual, but me and my mom did something very exciting – we went paragliding. It was fun and gave us a jab of adrenal rush. It was a memorable moment.

From the beach, we went to the airport. In three hours, we landed in Hyderabad.

Although our trip to Goa went quick, we have had many memories that will last forever.